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Codehesion provides the best quality software development at low cost

Below is a 2-min summary explaining what makes Codehesion different.


Codehesion was founded through our passion for software development and delivering exceptional products. We started Codehesion to create the perfect match between quality and cost of software. Our team has since launched many successful web apps and mobile apps. You can read more about it here.

Why build an app now?

Two major market forces are giving companies an opportunity window to get into the market with their own mobile or web apps. An app enables them to reach new customer segments or increase buy-in from existing clients.

A moving opportunity window has opened up which enables companies to be 1st or 2nd to the market with their offering, competing with or disrupting large players in the market.

Best Quality and Value

For innovative businesses, who are dissatisfied with overly-priced corporate consultancies or the nightmares of dealing with off-shore companies, Codehesion provides local, quality, project-managed mobile and web app products. Unlike heavily resourced consultancy corporations or mismanaged off-shore projects, we provide a streamlined management structure ensuring you have direct access to developers and key stakeholders, and costs are kept low.

We use our streamlined management structure to provide the maximum quality at the lowest possible price as illustrated in the graph.

  • At certain levels, throwing more resources and management onto a project does not improve quality, but only increases cost.
  • However, certain quality structures and expertise need to be present on a project, else quality falls off a cliff and the project is likely to be unsuccessful before it is launched.

Our Offering

We are not a good fit for every company out there. Considerations of price-only on the one side, and overly resourced projects on the other side, are not our core focus. We focus on quality developers, the quality and longevity of your product, and competitive pricing.

Codehesion offers the following:

  • Design of the entire app through wireframes (so everyone knows exactly what will be built)
  • UI design to make it look beautiful (examples available on request)
  • Visible project management and reviews on a weekly basis
  • Access to developers and key stakeholders
  • Continuous integration and testing of your app
  • Maintenance and support
  • And a long term focus

Also worth mentioning here is that you own all the code that we write for you, and we have had a 100% success record on our projects.


In terms of pricing:

Large Consultancies

will charge at least

R 1 500 000 to R 3 000 000

ex VAT

for a successful web or mobile application.


has a proven track record of apps that have cost an average of

R 300 000 to R 425 000

ex VAT

for successful applications launched on both app stores and downloaded by thousands of users

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What are the first steps?

We understand that you need to see results fast. By following the process below we are able to deliver a proposal

Quick Estimate

Call us with a short description of the product you want us to develop and we will give you a general estimate.

Wireframe Creation

We meet to discuss and identify your challenges, explore your vision, interview potential users and collaborate to create your vision into wireframes (visual prototype).


Based on your wireframes, we deliver a proposal with a clear road map, development time frame and a cost estimate.

Development & Launch

You become a part of our development team to collaborate on software development broken up into result-driven sprints.

Get In Touch

If you have an idea for a great app or need help creating better software solutions for your business, we are keen to chat about it.