Our Process

Getting started

We understand that you need to see results fast. By following the process below we are able to deliver a proposal to you within a few days.

Initial meeting

First we meet to discuss and identify your challenges, explore your vision, discuss possibilities and define the scope.

Internal workshop

Our team then work internally on planning a solution based on your requirements.

Client workshop

Once we have a draft solution, we have a follow up workshop with you where we fill in any gaps.


We then deliver a proposal with a clear road map, development time frame and a cost estimate.

Development process

We start adding value to your business as soon as you give us the go ahead by applying our agile development process below.



The most important part of working with you on your project is making sure that we understand your business needs, your market and the key interactions with the application.

With a clear picture of the road ahead we're able to craft your application with purpose in a cost effective manner.



Creating a successful application isn't just about choosing the right colours or the right font, it's about the experience of each individual action taken towards fulfilling a meaningful goal within your application.

During the design process we expose all the key user experiences and put together the look and feel.



This is where we get down to automating all of the features we've identified up until this point.

Features are built out in complete modules so that value is continously delivered to stakeholders.

A very important aspect of the development process is creating an automated test framework to ensure that all requirements are fulfilled and any regressions are caught immediately.



Completed features are continuously released to add value as soon as possible.

Each rapid release of a features allows us to reflect on the application as a whole and to react to new insights and requirements.



Your application, just like your business, is constantly evolving and responding to changes. Over the lifetime of a project it will go through the planning to release cycle many times.

We ensure that the application is built is such a way so as to ensure that it's maintenance is a predictable and well understood factor.

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