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Become an exceptional developer at Codehesion

We are looking for passionate developers who are keen to work on a range of different projects and to always keep learning.


About Codehesion

Codehesion is well known for producing quality mobile apps and web applications for businesses. Based in Midstream, Codehesion writes exceptional software programs for customers by helping customers identify and solve problems.

We use coder and designer-friendly technologies to create excellent products.


How We Work

Growing our team into industry-leading developers and designers is included by default in a Codehesion position.

We make sure every developer is involved in two projects at any moment in time. This creates a foundation of efficiency for our developers to optimally learn new skills while getting the satisfaction of contributing to real projects. You can determine your own context switching frequency.


Job Perks

Our typical project length is 3-4 months long. You get to experience working on new projects from start to finish. You are not just a cog in a wheel launching mini-features on legacy systems.

We are situated in the safe Midstream Estate Office Park with many security estates around the area.

We work in a relaxed and educational environment at a sustainable pace of 40 hours per week.

We celebrate the small wins together. Every new client and every project completion is celebrated - and we do those a lot.

We are developers growing a business. Just by joining us in our dynamic office, learn how to grow a small business at a rapid pace.

Coding in Gauteng? We Have a Biweekly Meetup

If you would like to meet us or other developers, come join us at our Meetup.

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